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Want an easy way to order from your online comic shop? Looking to manage the monthly titles you subscribe to?
Sign up now for PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX™!

Send an e-mail to with the e-mail heading "SIGN ME UP" and we will send you an invite to create your account. You can then login at the link below once your account is set up.

PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX™ is a new online program that lets you subscribe to comic book titles, preorder from the latest PREVIEWS catalog, and order any item available—all from your online comic shop.

Manage Subscriptions & Preorders
Add titles to your monthly pull-and-hold list, order additional titles and products from each month's PREVIEWS preorder catalog.
Sync with Your Participating Local Comic Shop
Choose an online participating comic shop and sync with them to send your monthly preorders, special orders, and more.
Place Special Orders or Keep a Wishlist
Forgot to order a title or saw something new coming to comic shops that you want to purchase? You can use PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX to        place a special order with your online comic book shop to purchase. You can also keep a Wishlist of other items and then send it to your retailer to see if they have any items in their store.
Search and Order Products
You can easily search the complete database of items offered by PREVIEWS and place orders with your online comic shop.
Track Weekly Purchases
On your MY PULLBOX dashboard you can track which titles and products you ordered that are releasing to shops that week, see future week's orders, and more!
Get Started Right Away
Is your online comic shop not a participating PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX store yet? Don't worry! You can select to receive a notification when they are brought onboard. In the meantime, you can still use PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX to keep track of your subscriptions and save products you'd like to order.


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